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In Full Gear*

Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas - Lexachast

Billy Woods & Kenny Segal - Hiding Places

Bloody Hawk - 1 Ευρώ

Cage the Elephent- Social Cues

clipping -There existed an addiction to blood

gabber modus operandi  - HOXXXYA

kokoko! - fongola

Moor Mother - Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Hole

Sada Baby -  Bartier Bounty

Zonal - Wrecked

* 2019 - 10 albums in alphabetical order

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1)The Captain,  Robert Schwentke 2)Vice, Adam McKay 3)Climax , Gaspar Noé 4)Grace a Dieu, François Ozon 5)Dogman, Matteo Garrone 6)The Guilty, Gustav Möller 7)The House That Jack Built, Lars von Trier 8)Sweet Country, Warwick Thornton 9)Three Peaks, Jan Zabeil 10)Dragged Across Concrete,  S. Craig Zahler