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Showing posts from March, 2008
χειροτεροι απο ζωα
margins of safety

nightporter (A' side)

ραντεβου με μιαν αγνωστη

[η φωτο απο την aniaris]
wall numbers
on parade
throughthe wires
"παει οπου φτανει η φαντασια σου"
that same old feeling...
κι εσυ θεατης;
you're a big girl now
παρτι σιωπης
three in a row
happy ever after
permanent derailment
revealing hands

the dirty demo ('89)

capsella: the black boy scouts (ep),totally jazz recordings

armenian catholic church
ministry of housing and local goverment
yankee doodle coffee song
hourglass (cover)
john vincent

για τον μιχαλη
>>> amores perros, dumbdog, myblogbook, sonic playground, λαικα κοριτσια
/ flocking around /