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κραυγες χωρις ηχο

«Κραυγή... μάλλον μια βουβή κραυγή. Ενα μοναδικό συναίσθημα απουσίας, που δεν παρασύρεται από του χρόνου τη λήθη. Ζεί μεσα μου σε ένα ξεχωριστό τόπο και χρόνο, παραμονεύοντας, θυμιζοντάς μου το κενό,τη μοναξιά. Οσο και αν φωνάζω η κραυγή μου δεν ηχεί. Μια βουβή κραυγή... και τότε αισθάνομαι πως η απουσία δεν γίνεται ανάμνηση. Ζωγραφίζω για να ντύσω το κενό».




time to listen


It's a slow night, as Nina attempts to fill her segment with personal interviews and a basketball game. Even when finally a call comes in, it's a low priority call tenants in a apartment building are complaining about screams coming from one of the apartments. So the police and the fire department are called in, and Niρa and her cameraman, Pablo, decide to come along for the ride. When they arrive to the call, the neighbors have all congregated on the main level while the emergency staff and the television crew investigate upstairs and find an elderly woman in her apartment in a rabid state. While the situation might have the appearance of minimal concern, unfortunately, everyone in the building is about to come face to face with the most intense fear possible. There's something evil in the building, and there's no way out, except for death. [found footage]

dirt beneath the daydream

a collection of sounds

bunny suicides

creative attempts to end your life using a variety of items


[the censored game]


sean penn serves up warm milk


"america's queen of pin-ups and fashions"



[τα ωραια πραγματα]

for sale


(*) γαμω τα υπουργεια σας


life inside a drop of water viewed under the microscope

can i put the guns down now ?

4:00 p.m.